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Environmental Consulting and Real Estate Appraisal

Rony Bruell

about Rony Bruell


If you are a consultant, ESG manager or an EH&S professional and you are looking for an Expert in Israel, you have found her!

Working for the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection, in research and for consulting companies in USA and Israel, as well as being a licensed Real Estate Appraiser, allow me to analyze environmental risks for valuation (for real estate appraisals or disputes), audit and due diligence in a unique professional way.  

Based on my robust experience in over 20 years of career, corporate and governmental work history, interdisciplinary studies, and hands-on field experience, I offer professional, comprehensive and exclusive environmental consulting and real estate appraisal services.

Since 2009 I manage my own independent consulting firm, based in Israel, working with Israeli and international companies, governmental authorities, providing consulting services to international corporations, consulting firms, law firms and private entities.

My CV: Link


EH&S Due Diligence – Best for companies or individuals who are about to purchase or be partner in local company or business and would like to check the status of the EH&S compliance management.


EH&S Compliance - examines the status (current or planned) pursuant to Israeli laws and regulations, agency and/or local requirements. This service is best for companies who want to know more about the legal status, in variety of EH&S issues, of an Israeli based company or manufactures site.  


EH&S Audit – also examines EH&S compliance with the addition of company policies, standard questioners, evaluate risk and potential costs and can be a base line to examine change in company EH&S management.


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments – Historical review of activities at a known parcel and in its soundings in order to detect potential environmental risks, contaminations and liabilities. 


Supervision for Phase II Environmental Site Assessments - Planning and supervising environmental investigation of soil, soil gas and/or groundwater. A collaboration with a certified laboratory for the sampling and analysis.


Financial Environmental Risks – provide gaudiness to financial institute regarding potential and known environmental risks in investments, loans and credit. This service includes the review of reports provided by the client, questioners, publicly open information and databases in order to create a full understating of the issues and to evaluate the value of the risks. 

Lecture at the 2022 Academy of Appraisers conference


Managers – that need to evaluate environmental risks as part of their ESG program, to review their existing EH&S compliance for upcoming audits, or for investors' presentations.

Consultants and Consulting firms – who need a local EH&S expert in Israel and would like to cooperate or subcontract a project.


Private and Public Companies who want to improve their EH&S management, performance and awareness as a policy of sustainability and / or business advantage.  


Financial Institutes, Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Appraisers, Accountants and Attorneys – who need a review of the EH&S status of businesses, manufacturing sites or land (real estate) prior to purchasing, merger or change of ownership.


Rony Bruell

Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

Phone: 972-54-9216875

Office: 972-3-9213077


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